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Blood from young women who have not yet participated in the horizontal mambo. To obtain this blood, you must either A) ask them politely to spare you some B) Sacrifice them C) Stalk them while they are on their period. Usually drank by total badasses, demon gods, rock bands, and Chuck Norris on a regular basis. Whomever drinks the Blood of A Thousand Virgins will be crowned as a god among men and will be able to perform extreme tasks like bear wrestling, unicorn/pegasus riding, catching fish with your mouth, and playing hacky sack. This phrase is often said to explain how hard something is to do.
Molly: Dude. That guy is eggrolling down the highway!
Brianna: Woah! The only way you can do that is by consuming the blood of a thousand virgins!
Molly: Aw man! Now that's what I call swag!
Brianna: Shut the f*** up.
#awesomeness #swag #chuck norris #badass #coolness
by YaMama! June 10, 2013
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