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2. CD off of ja rule's fifth album "Blood in my eye"
Ja Rule has been plagued for the better half of the last two years with insults and diss songs thrown at him left and right by almost everyone in the industry. This assault was ignited by 50 Cent of G-Unit fame and later joined with the unstoppable Eminem, super producer Dr. Dre and newbie to the game Obie Trice. One would think, that once the most powerful crew to ever exist in Hip-Hop has turned their backs to you, that there is no hope. However, Ja Rule is singing a different tune all together. Actually, he's not singing at all which is a major plus on his fifth installment "Blood In My Eye". This time Rule comes back with a hardcore street album much like his classic debut "Venni, Vetti, Vecci". He also has a new team to back him up (most importantly Hussien Fatal of 2Pac's Outlawz) along with some old friends (Black Child, Cadillac Tah, D.O. Cannons). The album opens with a skit of what sounds like Rule furious with anger, promising death on anyone that dares step on his shoes again. Then he opens with "My Life" - A hard street anthem which helps him begin to rebuild his credibility in the hood. From there we go into the album's single and one of Rule's best tracks to date "Clap Back" where he proves that he's not just another 'Rap singer'. He's The Mighty Rule and he wont go without a fight. Other stand out tracks are "The Crown" which is a heavy hitting joint featuring Sizzla in which Ja states that the crown is his, and as far as he's concerned he earned it. The best song on this album, besides the obvious "Clap Back", is the bass heavy "Things Gon' Change" in which Rule and his long time Murder Inc compadres wrap things up for the Shady/Aftermath camp and all other haters slithering in the grass. This album is definatley full of great production, and strong lyrics. The one thing that pulled it down from a five star album to a four star in my opinion was that Ja focused a little too much on his beef with the Shady camp. Next time he should keep that to the mixtapes minus one or two standout disses. While 50 Cent and Eminem are always going to be noticed and liked much more than Ja Rule; you shouldn't write off Murder Inc's golden child just yet. He has alot to prove, and it seems that until people start to give him a fair unbaised listen he's not going to give up. This is a solid album, and deserves a solid listen. So as long as Rule keeps it street, he has my attention. Lets take 'em to war!
by Kabal March 31, 2004
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