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1. Vampire or any creature that needs blood to survive

2. In the Vampire Academy book series, it is a dhampir that is used by a moroi or stigori for sex and allows the moroi or strigori to suck their blood while aroused because they secrete a drug to their victims in the bite and it's like a drug to dhampirs.

3. A severe insult to people. A blood whore is someone who likes fighting to the point of drawing blood in an attempt to prove manliness or physical superiority.
1. A. What's that over there?

B. It's sucking the blood of an animal, obviously a blood whore!

A. Ah. I see.

2. Rose Hathaway, Ambrose, and Dmitri's sister are examples in the books.

3. A. Fight me! I wanna draw blood!

B. Alright. Let's go.

C. Dude, no, can't you see he's a blood whore?

B. That's not a very nice name...

C. But, that's what he is.
by KissmeImanirishgirl November 30, 2010
a bloodwhore is a person (mortal) that was born to have vampires drink there blood and not die.
a vampire drinking a immortal bloodwhore human
by Dead Sixx Bitch April 02, 2011
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