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I was sittin' in class just chillin'...all a sudden I heards a loud "GRRAAAAAR" and got busted in the back of my head with something! Turned around to see a maggot infected blood rug on the floor! That triflin bitch just shot me...

Pig Patty: I've had a rough case of the tramabombs this week,'s starting to get messy. Do you think I should start using a blood rug for my boosty?

Moose Mary: That's a great idea, Patty! I've been doing that for months! I think the boys totally dig them too! I've caught my brother stealing mine a few times while sleeping only to find them later in the bathroom trash bin all chewed up. They must make a great late night snack!
by Nigga Ishmael January 25, 2011
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