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Blokes and Dames and Bones (Noun, Verb and Adjective)

Meaning: A universal meaning, usually used in an extreme drunken state. Can be used entering any establishment with one or more pirates. Usually used by American girls to express their delight at the pirate orientated public house. Also can mean literally - Blokes (male variety) and Dames (female variety) and Bones (Boney variety) although rarely used.

Pronunciation: Performed in a Pirate/British accent.
Blok-s and Dames and BOOONNNNEEEESSSSS! (Increased accent on the Bones.)
Example of Blokes and Dames and BONES: J in British accent 'This Place is full of Pirate Blokes'. C 'This is full of Blokes and Dames'. J in full Accent 'Blokes and Dames and BOOONNNEEESSSS'.
by Chris Chapman January 12, 2006
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