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Reputation management done by weak minded A-list bloggers.
Synonym: Bullying.
Dave Winer.
by ElaineK August 17, 2003
Especially weak-minded bloggers.

See: pussiesfragglecocksucker
I wish s/he would stop thinking s/he is entitled to control what others do when they blog. Blog Police. Sheesh! I'd rather deal with the NYPD. At least they have to get mental health check-ups when they do something stupid.
by indochine August 18, 2003
Usually an A-List blogger who forces thier view of the world down the throats of other bloggers.
At their absolute worst when someone doesn't toe the A-List bloggers party beliefs on what blogging is about.
Usually more about the A-List blogger protecting his or her perceived 'territory' on the web.
Plasticnag is going to completely lose it when he sees that. He's a fully paid-up member of the Blog Police.
by irry@(nospam) August 12, 2003
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