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A rapper from Hackensack, New Jersey. Rapper on Youtube & Myspace
Man 1: Have you ever heard of Bliz?

Man 2: No man!

Man 1: Well check him out he is sick! Find him on
by July 16, 2009
a person who doesn't understand most technical advances from the past century, like computers, tvs, microwaves, and cellphones; one who looks and acts like a caveman.
guy1: Why did Mike run away saying i stole his soul when i took a picture of him with my cellphone?
guy2: Oh thats because he's Bliz.
by PittKapS04 August 20, 2005
Nickname for blunt. Tobbaco wrapping used to roll cannabis with. dutch, swisher, backwood.
Pass the bliz homie im tryna get faded.

Ex 2

Throw sum wax in that bliz im tryna meet aliens

Ex 3
Damn son , you pearled TF out of that bliz roll.
by KanyesBrain July 23, 2016
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