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The most superest steam mod eva!!!
and shes hot too
who needs an example for hot ass girl that is a gamer
by STFU January 08, 2005
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A moderator on the Steam Powered User Forums that commonly makes the mistake of calling the forums SUF when we all know it is SPUF.
User: Man i love SPUF!!

Blinxx: Sorry sir, its SUF!
by Hawkyyy June 11, 2009
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A girl at the steampowered forums.
She has:
-No Life
-Extremely Annoying
-Nothing better to do then talk to nerds on and make them cum all over their keyboards.

It is a shame to see what this world is coming to now, Girls with no lives on Nerd forums, taling to ugly fat guys trying to make them horny and ejaculate on their keyboards.

She needs a life. Kthnx.
Unwise fucking owns you, ya stupid ass slut whore!
by Unwise April 14, 2005
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Says things like "Gimme tha lowdown brethren"

Annonymous's definition is wrong and he has to hide, what a whining little bitch, you must have got banned by her
Only those are "down" with their sexuality utter this phrase. That's why seraph no likey. And dat's tha lowdown on dat brethren.
by James from Jamaica February 26, 2005
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Atracts alot of jealousy from people that could never a chance of being with her. Insulted for being individual and pursuing her own interests which are not of anyone elses business.
Asking if she will marry you constantly, insulting her on the forum and through private messages is a fair reason to get banned by Blinxx
by Mickie M April 29, 2005
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Annoying Bitch on the Steampowered forums.
Only a moderator there because she's female.
Ejaculated over daily by Steam forum losers who adore her.
Constantly having her ass licked.
See Ass-Licking.
Or geek love
by Anonymous February 21, 2005
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an alias for who is thought to be a 19 year old girl who moderates teh forums on people say that she is a bitch and has no life probably really like here but are afraid to admit it.
by SlaughterDog April 29, 2005
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