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the awesomest bands of all time...and if you don't think so go fuck yourself and your mom, cause she likes that kind of stuff, at least that's what i seen in those videos, with n'sync might i add.
you suck if you don't like them...
by goodblinkcharlotte182 December 11, 2004
bands who are really woosie punk and going on the verge of pop and rock for preps.And posers that try to be punk or goth but sound like brittany spears
is that n'sync or good charlotte
by britt the man man man February 13, 2004
they both suck but both have a couple okay songs

there's worse bands out there than either of them amazingly,lol
Wow modern music sucks.
by mtv really sucks t3h c0ck January 09, 2005