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When you have burped the word "ICE" but done it deliberately and blantently into someones face.
In other words:
Blantant "ICE" means "BLICE"
Peter: "Oh hello John, how are you?"
John: "Yeah I'm all goo...BLICE!!!"
Peter: ¬_¬ "Thats fucking disgusting"
by Tucker_Tankarse March 16, 2007
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a word that means "bling" or "ice". this word is used by hispanics to talk about bling/ice.
baby (the wraper) gotz lotz of blice.
by ed. November 23, 2003
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BLICE=black ice. It is very sneaky and occurs in very cold areas.
"Watch out for that BLICE or you may slip and break your neck!"
by hookemhazey January 04, 2010
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To shine or glitter; "bling bling", "razzle-dazzle"

Possible origin: Olde English verb blican: to shine

sing-sung pattern (principal parts): blice bloce bliccen
Your wheels blice! ; they must be chrome, man.
by Nayrb Rellimer June 24, 2013
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