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The term used to describe dumbasses that have no idea what they're on about.
Boy - Arctic Monkeys are totally shit.

Girl - Stfu Bleeh.

by TehPerv August 06, 2008
A word of dismissal, to be used when scorning someone. Often used online.
Lame Friend: Will you please forgive me? I was totally out of line calling you a poser.
Me: Bleeh.
by Boyd Skywalker November 28, 2008
bleeh has a meaning no one can really explain,but some have come pretty close.
Bleeh can like bad or sad or useless or confused.
Bleeh can be used to explain feeling:example 1
Or as an adjective:example 2.
It can be used in situations where you feel sad and useless and confused all at the same time or you don't know what you are feeling.
Example 1:
I feel soo bleeh today.

Example 2:
The way he dressed today was,bleeh!
by MYwordsAreMYwords June 19, 2010