To fart or poot; passing gas.
"Holy snap! He blazed, and it stank like Ox!"
by MiloBazzat February 21, 2005
A flaming homosexual that loves to have anal and/or oral sex with little boys!
+Camilo, why are you acting so Blaze right now... you make me feel ackword
by Jon and Blake August 24, 2006
Word which can be used as an exclamation when somebody experiences misfortune.

Probably limited to some areas of mid England.
- "Ah no, I lost my toothpick"
- "Ha ha, blaze!"
by Nick May 13, 2004
to shot someone
"I blazed that beeotch! No respect."
by SLOGAN December 06, 2002
A guy/11 year old boy in Vernon, BC, Canda who is most likley to take over your sorry asses.
A guy/11 year old boy in Vernon, BC, Canda who is most likley to take over your sorry asses!
by Ben Affleck November 29, 2003
An amazing friend...! She is funny, crazy, and just amazing! She is against weed completely... Sometimes that's a let down, but other than that, she is a great person, very kind and warm hearted! If you have a friend named Blaze, keep her close.
Omfg who is that?!
Oh, that's just blaze..
Wow... She makes my tent pop
by LoloLGayLordLolol February 12, 2015
A loving, beautiful, smart girl who is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. She thinks of others first and always wants them to be happy. She is very funny and can make you laugh, even when you feel depressed. She is extremely beautiful and a wonderful girlfriend. When she falls in love with you, she really is in love with you, and will be for a long time. She will never betray you and will be one of the most trustworthy people you will ever meet
"Blaze is the best girlfriend ever"
by your love October 10, 2014

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