To leave in a haste, leave somewhere in a hurry
Dude was on the endz the police was driving up had to blaze
by Shadow January 24, 2005
1. to leave - usually in a car
Yo, man, let's blaze.
by Ryan Dawson January 09, 2005
to walk down the street
Piara: Where u been?
Sohan: Blazed to church
by MishMash#01 February 23, 2007
The act of kissing/snogging/making out with another person.
Guy1: Did you blaze Natallie last night?
Guy2: Yes, I was really drunk!
by Matthew bennett March 06, 2006
To fart or poot; passing gas.
"Holy snap! He blazed, and it stank like Ox!"
by MiloBazzat February 21, 2005
fire goddess who is very loyal and friendly! aka, my doggie! mwahahaha
Blaze is my dog, she is very loyal!
by Rain May 12, 2003
A flaming homosexual that loves to have anal and/or oral sex with little boys!
+Camilo, why are you acting so Blaze right now... you make me feel ackword
by Jon and Blake August 24, 2006

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