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A Facebook status someone posts that is a blatant lie in a feeble attempt to get likes
Closely related to the BLT (blatant lying tweet)
These are all examples of a Blatant Lying Status (BLS)

'Just went to McDonald's and ordered a Big Mac. I'm now sat here with a milkshake, a chicken nugget happy meal, 2 large cokes, 1 deli of the day, 1 large quarter pounder meal and 2 McFlurrys'

'Sat in the bath daydreming and I thought my bath detached from the wall and started moving like I was on a boat. Think I'm still pissed'

'Lightening just flashed through our window and me and Daryll thought someone was taking a picture with a flash it was that bright'
by Yournigga January 03, 2014

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