When you vomit and diarrhoea at the same time,
Shit I'm going to Blastoise I should take my clothes off and get in the bath so I don't make a mess everywhere

I took at shit the other day that stank so much I puked all down myself, it went on my dick, nasty Blastoise
by phelm April 26, 2012
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One of the great water pokémon, fully equipted with a duel hydro pump. He must have a HUUUGE BLUE COCK!
mmmmMmmmmmmmMmmmmmm! wet cock...
by longis. November 29, 2004
A form of sexual intercourse, when you put two water gun into a woman's vagina and anus and blasting her.

Note: water guns can be replaced with male penis's
Me and my friend blastoised each other
by berry-chaan September 09, 2010
An awesome Water type pokemon quipped with dual pumps. Its hydrop pump is capable of piercing steel. Also has a hard shell.
That blastoise used hydro pump to get in the bank and steal the money.
by I_Destroy_all September 05, 2010
When someone is very inebriated, to the point that being a Pokemon makes complete sense.
Dad: Son, where are you?
Son: Father, I am Blastoise
Dad: Oh, lol, have fun
by Daski April 13, 2011
Verb used during a game of Super Smash Brothers Melee when a Blastoise is being used to Pwn someone see Pwn
Man1: Holy Fucking Christ!
Man2: You so got Blastoised dude!
by Chris Schanley March 22, 2005
The sexual act in where a man deprives himself of any sort of sexual activity for 3 months for the sole purpose of saving up sperm, then, with he's with his main biddie, he busts it all off on her face like a hydro pump!
"Yo that bitch Susmita? Yeah I gave her a fucking Blastoise, blat blat blat!"
by Bloood October 29, 2010

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