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a. A person who hogs the blankets or otherwise raps them around themselves when in bed

b. A person who is constantly under the cover of a blanket (i.e. TheBlanketMonster)

c. A person who does not like to get out of bed
Josh: "Jeez, I was cold all last night. My wife hogged the covers like they were her children."

Carl: "Sounds like she's a real Blanket Monster"

Lorette: "Haha, you know TheBlanketMonster? It's like she lives under that comforter."

Tyler: "Too true, TheBlanketMonster is definitely a Blanket Monster"

Mother #1: "Gosh, I never knew raising a teenage girl would be this hard. She absolutely refuses to get out of bed."

Mother #2: "You and me both, my Cindy only gets up when I threaten to not make her breakfast. Or as she puts it 'starve her'"

Mother #3: "looks like you've both got real Blanket Monsters on your hands."
by TheBlanketMonster December 07, 2009