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Illest lyricist this side of the Globe.
<BladeTR> These niggas dont want me ballin, they want me burried, thrown under the dirt with shots flury, layin with bugs under my shirt. under my chest is a heart of a lion i aint lyin bounty hunters got me flyin with my iron, high as a giant, im runnin from nothing my stomach is touching what im clutching to give you more than a concussion, end of discussion, and my blood is colder so im bolder, hood on my shoulders look in the mirror i see a soldier
by Lloyd Banks August 09, 2004
The illest and realest MC I ever heard
<BladeTR> i bully my way in this game, man im done playin, man im done saying that im done playing, ima start layin into these motherfu**ing cocksuckers, there's no way ima back down like a goddam coward i cant how would i look, as a man bowing to his knees like the mad cow dissease, let somebody alsh out at me and not lash back out at em, please
by B-Real August 09, 2004
a God among men
holy crap, i can't believe i just talked to bladetr!
by BigDoki December 08, 2003