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The day after Thanksgiving...also known as Black Friday except with a twist. You just get really shitty until you blackout while other people shop.
Will: Yesterday was so sick!

Mike: What did you guys do?

Trav: We celebrated Blackout Friday by getting alcohol poisoning!
by brodudecm November 27, 2009
The one day of the week that is specifically planned for drinking and smoking yourself into a state in which you're no longer in control of any of your bodily functions. Blackout Friday usually involves pushing yourself past your limits, and sometimes includes starting fights. Upon waking up you have no recollection of the night before, and you have no grasp of reality.
"fucking fight me faggot" "looks like matts doin it real big on his blackout friday"

"what happened last night?" "I don't know but atleast I survived another blackout friday."

"nicky boy didn't drink enough, I'm out" "guess he wants a real blackout friday"

"zac just threw up everywhere. He even threw up on the kid from Germany" "some people just can't handle blackout friday"

"Dude you woke up in a towel with throwup all over you. what a blackout friday."
by party asshole for life February 03, 2010
The Friday if exam week where you get so crunk you forget everything you just learned for the semester.
It's blackout Friday time to drink till we don't remeber anything.
by Quadgod777 December 16, 2014
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