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Blackle is the Wikianswers account that A.S.C.O(Anonymous Secret Complementing Organization) uses to post information about A.S.C.O. ASCO is an organization secretly operating within classes in NZ, anonymously, sending kind letters to recipients in the class. The online representative of ASCO uses "Blackle" to write answers about ASCO and other information. It has been noted on Blackle's profile page that at the very end of the paragraph the word "Pinochle" has been quotated. It is unknown if it was delibrite or intentional. Blackle may be a secret anagram or code, having to do with the newly emerged OATEN secret, or Kaleb Oaten.
Blackle A.S.C.O is the account name to post A.S.C.O information
by A.S.C.O expert April 09, 2011