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A shit ass town in the middle of no where. We old ppl retire to and the majority of population is inbred and on drugs. The drugs come mostly from the town caravan park located near the top shop. If you live here get the fuck out. If you've never been here but driven through. Good. Keep drving. If you've never lived or been here. Consider yourself lucky. Maddogs like to go around on ripsticks at 9pm and scab pizza from locals.
Kid 1: bet you when these ferals get back our pizza will be gone.
Kid 2: I think their riding ripsticks, what losers.
Kid 3: What do you expect they come from blackbutt.
by notfromwhereyourfrom. August 20, 2009
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duh! why r looking at this? obviously its a person with a black ass!
u r a blackbutt
by ur an idiot September 01, 2008
2 5