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A "Black Primer" is an African American female which tends to favor Caucasian males when selecting a love-making partner. The description of this particular type of African American has an uncanny resemblence to that of the Caucasian. She plays tennis, wears white tennis shoes, and belongs to a country club. She also enjoys money, strawberry daquaris, and Jeapordy. Free time is spent fantasizing about Alex Trebec while sipping Arizone Ice Tea.
Tyrese: Alex, whose been yo fuck muppet lately, bro?
Alex: I be diggin' that black sista Shonda.
Tyrese: Yous outta luck, bro.
Alex: Why, gangsta?
Tyrese: Shonda be a Black Primer. Word on the street is that she be likin' William O'Reilly. He's from a country club, bro.
by Denise Egila March 03, 2007
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