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1) A Black Ops fan is usually highly ridiculed in school and is usually identified as the words 'dick head' or 'dumbfuck'.
Any body who says Black Ops is in the 'Top 5 world's most awesome games' obviously has nothing better to do except run around like a jackass and when they finally see someone the fire like shit.

2) Someone who obviously never played Halo:Reach.

3) Someone who plays Black Ops 24-7 and brags at school about how long they are willing to camp to make them feel good about themselves.

4) a fan to probably the worst game CoD ever made.
Real Life experience:

Black Ops fan: Hey Bitch3z Black Ops is da b34st!!!!!!!!!!!
Halo fan: Oh, you mean Cock of Doody: Black Cocks?
Black Ops fan: H3y,,,,, t4k3 that back u but hoel! black ops made top 5.
Halo Fan: Oh top 5 of the gayest games. Fuck off u dirty little peice of shit.
by XXX$m0k3W33D4LYPH3420XXX May 21, 2011
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