A genre of Cinematic or Television Comedy that often has a all black cast. Jokes tend to revolve around Soul Food, Insulting one another and or but not always Druags.
Alot of them also have Tom Arnold in them for some Reason. While some are consider hilarious alot of them fall short of what they are cooked up to be.. IE Soul Plane, Undercover Brother..etc
The best Black Comedian by far is Bernie Mack.
"Hey did you see that new Black Comedy with Cedric the Entertainer?"
"No....I was watching American Idol."
"Oh..............Well it was funny."
by T-taur June 08, 2005
Top Definition
A form of comedy in which serious issues such as cannibalism, rape, genocide, terminal illnesses, etc. are treated humorously. Often more disturbing than funny.
Black Comedy is not a racial or urban issue. It is a genre of comedy.
by osudean June 22, 2005
A type of comedy that makes things that you wouldn't usually laugh at funny.
"Man, I watched American Beauty last night and realised 'This is a great black comedy.'"
by Thomas Dixon June 09, 2005
A type of humor/satire poking fun at something usually seen as serious or taboo. It often utilizes shock value to get laughs and common themes include death, violence, insanity, racism and other things that are usually not seen as funny. It is commonly mistaken with African-American comedy because of the name, but not necessarily related.
Watch the movie Waking Ned Devine for to get an idea of what black comedy is.
by My pseudonym was taken October 02, 2010
A genre of comedic movies that are made only for black people. Movies can be categorized as Black Comedy if they:

- Make degrading jokes about the white race
- Star nobody but negro actors
- Make numerous references to drugs
Big Mommas House, Barbershop, Next Friday, etc.
by XFS March 26, 2004
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