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A girl who only focuses on sex to get money i.e. a moderate cross between a nympho and a gold digger. Like a hooker, just smarter. Because they really just want money and usually move on to the next guy really quick, they are defined as "Bizzy."
“All I wanna do is smoke, all she wanna do is f*ck,
She don’t love me, she jus’ her because I got some bucks
She a Bizzy Body”

“Now she say she really wanna a player, but she never on her best behavior,
Cuz she always shaking what her mama gave her,
but all she really want from me is the paper,
She a Bizzy Body”

Paul Wall-Bizzy Body
by Bizzy, Body, and Beyond April 10, 2009
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a girl who likes to have sex with many people.
i love a bizzy body.
by bizzy mami . March 28, 2009
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A bizzy body is a G, she juggles guys & doesn't get caught (at least most of the time anyway). She makes that paper in the mean time as well. However, a busy body will never admit to being one!
Exuse me miss, what's ur occupation?
Nigga ima bizzy body
by ronnie h July 15, 2010
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A person who goes around broadcasting shit to everyone. These type of people usually get themselves beaten up at the end of the day.

Also, it is the name of a song to some Nigerian R&B music group called P-Square
bizzy body: oi, everyone hear this! Jack and Jill are getting hooked!

guy: thanks for the info. now boys, let's get him!

P-Square song:

P-square whoo
See see whoo
We run things whoo
Things don’t run we whoo
Huk up in da club who
Give them a run whoo
Give them a jump whoo

With your bizzy body yeea….
by Naija-Hollow January 03, 2009
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