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A biznitch moment is what happens when you get a rapid release of adrenaline and ectassy at the same time causing a massive "rage" or "epic dominance" you'll rarely feel a biznitch moment happen unless you can produce the needed levels of hormone and emotion, when a biznitch moment occurs it is not wise for anyone to be in the area let the "biznitch" tire himself out before re-entering the area, the formula is my own: Pimpness 2 maximess biznitchess. Disclaimer: it is not wise to attempt to manually create a biznitch moment please let it occur naturally!
"we neec to get out d!, he's having a biznitch moment at his girlfriend, women and children first!
#biznitch #rage #hormone #pimp #dominate
by Hounddragon.beta August 24, 2009
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