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Polittically liberal culture, or lack of culture, like, whatever, within clamming distance of the coasts and inland salt water bodies (Puget Sound, Straits of Juan de Fuca, estuaries) of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, British Columbia, and Alaska. Spiritual Icon is Ivar Haglund (deceased and not risen again), Seattle seafood restauranteur and local character, noted for his sagely peaceful spiritual advice, "Keep Clam." Bivalve Belt persons are noted for prissily liberal politics, a fun-demented belief that Ivar will stay dead, 'Save the Spotted Owl' bumper stickers, and walking in the rain without umbrellas. A few have drowned by staring at the sky (overcast) with their mouths open.
Eat your heartland out, Midwest and Southern states, you've got the Bible Belt, but we here in the Northwest Corner are the Bivalve Belt.
#bible belt #clam #keep clam #spotted owl #puget sound #liberals #ivar
by amphioxus 2 aero waveur April 29, 2012
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