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Bitpim is a little know and free piece of software that allows people that own CDMA phones to hack and alter them. In the USA, Verizon, Sprint, And Alltel all use CDMA. Verizon being the most restrictive of all wireless carriers. Verizon tends to lock-out features and force customers into buying their own overpriced content ONLY. So by using Bitpim a customer can then create and transfer custom Wallpaper, Ringtones, Screen Savers, ect. The software can also be used to back-up content, even software applications; including games. There is also a number of Hacks that can be preformed using this software.
If I didn't have Bitpim, I couldn't use Verizon Wireless. They are just way too strict and way too money hungry!
by Russell Sheppard July 31, 2008