When some Gingerkid mistakes you for your best friend.
"Hello, Cho Chang, my name in Gin-ny Weas-ley."
"Bitch I ain't Cho Chang!"
"That's Lavender Brown, Racist Sister!"
by grangerdanger October 16, 2009
Top Definition
The best quote out of part 2 of act 1 in "A Very Potter Musical". This causes Ron to call Ginny, who greets an asian girl as Cho, a 'racist sister'.
Three girls: Cho Chang, happy happy new year, Cho Chang, gong hey fat choy...

Ginny: Cho Chang! Mah name iz Ginnee Weaslee, it iz verie nice to meet youh!

Asian: Bitch I ain't Cho Chang
by Fryen Pan November 30, 2009
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