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A "code word" used to communicate the fact that someone is staring at you. Derived from the word "stare". ("stare" backwards is "erats". Eliminate the "e" and you have "rats".) One could also simply say "rats" instead of the entire phrase "bit of rats" and still imply that someone is staring.
Chris was wearing a dress and some make-up in Denny's and some big fat hick was staring at him with murder in his eyes. Chris wants to inform his boy Jason that this hick is staring at him (without the hick being aware that he is saying it), so he says "BIT OF RATS" and Jason immediately understands. So, then Jason kisses Chris right on the tongue to create an uproar in Denny's.
by O(+> March 29, 2004
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Phrase used to describe an attractive female.

Can also be replaced with a hand single if perving in stealth mode. This hand signal usually takes the form of a "claw" shape which one perv would use to indicate an asthetically pleasing female to other pervs.

Can also be replaced with the word "Rattage" pronounced rat-targe. See example 2.
1. "Did you see her? She was a lovely bit of rat"

2. *Good looking woman walks passed*
Perv A: "Rattage!"
Perv B: "Agreed"
by BertieBigB June 12, 2009

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