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Girl friend or gf.

There are many good things in life, like cars, money, and weed. But if you want something confusing, a girl friend is all you need.

Your babe doesn't say what she wants, but you're somehow supposed to know. If they want to do this or do that, stay here, stay there, or just go.

Then there's the time, you all know what I mean, that monthly little joy. That lets them abuse the crap out of you, just for being a boy.

If you ever dare look at another hot chick, they seem to scream, go on, and panic. But watch how fast they ignore you, at the sight of that queer from Titanic.

They give you questions like "Am I fat?", and "If you could go with one of my pals, who?". There is no answer, face the facts, you are definitely through.

They take nothing and blow it up, and make a tremendous fuss. So girls, no matter what you think, you are just as hard to understand as us. What a bit of stuff!
by quan cao tien August 18, 2010
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