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To blatantly cheat within any form of competition enough to seriously hinder your opponent, but not enough to be disqualified. The Bispinger then must go on to win the match afterward. In this situation, the victim of this assault has been properly Bispinged.

Also, the user of the Bisping assault (the Bispinger) needs to celebrate in such a fashion as a person who had won fair and square would have. This is necessary in order for a full Bisping to take place

The definition is derived (affectionately) from the actions of MMA fighter Michael Bisping during his fight with Jorge Rivera.
Dude #1: "Did you win your MMA fight bro?"
Dude #2: "Nah. My opponents corner man drugged my water before I went out. I passed out five seconds into the first round. Nobody even threw a punch"
Dude #1: "Oh shit seriously?"
Dude #2: "Yeah. Guy ran around the cage after I dropped like he had KO'ed me. I got Bispinged hard son"
by RobTheReef February 27, 2011

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