When you decide that your birthday should last the whole week, you take the week off work, have multiple parties and go out every other night.
Happy birthweek, Julie.
by doc brown November 15, 2007
Top Definition
The new birthday! Birthweeks last for a total of seven days and encompasses the date of your 'Birthday'. It acknowledges that in some way, however small, you must make time to celebrate the fact that you are another year older. Every one of the seven days must include an act of celebration, whether this is a trip, a night out with your friends, a piece of cake, or opening a present. The celebration should always last a week and begins on the first day you celebrate.
Birthweek: Monday - cinema, Tuesday - yummy dinner cooked by your flatmate and cake, Wednesday (your official birthday) - Present opening and pub, Thursday - round at friends flat for drinks and nibbles, Friday - meal out with the family and granny, Saturday - night out with friends partying all night long, Sunday - Chilled afternoon in front of black and white movie and more cake!
by Mags110 February 04, 2010
(N)- 3 days before your birthday, your birthday, and 3 days after your birthday. This is the acceptable amount of time to blow off work/school to party. It is also acceptable, if you choose so, to attend work/school during this time drunk. See birthday.
Person 1: My birthday is in 2 days!!
Person 2: That means it's your birthweek already! Let's party!
by KadyKasm September 21, 2010
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