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On social networking sites, oftentimes individuals – especially college-aged Americanstag their acquaintances in pictures that render the victim completely unappealing to the opposite sex, so there is virtually no danger of impregnating another or becoming impregnated. Usually such photos involve individuals making strange faces, posturing themselves oddly, or exhibiting behaviors that compromise their individual dignity. Often such images involve the use or overuse of controlled substances, or behaving in such a manner that puts their sexuality into question. Posted by third-parties who may have taken the photo and “tagged” the individual in an awkward situation or pose, the Birth Control Tag (BCT) is one of the most effective methods to damage one's online reputation.
My friend Rob tagged Jason posturing himself in a suggestive manner against a statue of George Washington with his pants down. That's a BCT if I've ever heard of one.

Did you see that Birth Control Tag of Elena? Man, I've never seen someone so fall down drunk with food all over her clothes.

Did you see that picture of those two frat brothers kissing during pledge week? Dude, no chick is going to go out with them once they get Birth Control Tagged on facebook.
by impotate April 20, 2011
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