The act of putting your cell phone on vibrate, putting it in your partner's ass and then giving it a call.
i really enjoy a birmingham booty call from my husband while i'm fucking his best friend.
by spankers June 14, 2008
The sexual act in which you turn a cell phone on vibrate, insert in your partner's anal cavity, call it repeatedly and have intercourse with the vaginal cavity
Dude, I gave that girl a " Birmingham bootycall" and she kept calling me back for more!
by JuDgE_JiMbO38 October 20, 2013
latin: Dico lino

Set a cellular telephone to the "vibrate" feature and insert into the man's rectum just before climax. The man should then call the phone. The strong vibrations will cause the man to release the phone. The woman should then answer the phone and "talk dirty" to the man while he gives her a "facial."

From: "Dirty Sanchez's Guide to Buck Nasty Sex"
The long distance was hard. For a year we had phone sex, Skype sex, but no physical connection. When we finally found ourselves together, we didn't know how to behave. The Birmingham Booty Call allowed us to find the perfect melding of what we knew and what we didn't.
by Dirty Buck Nasty March 29, 2010
Mid sexual intercourse you shove a cell phone in your partners ass, call it, she shits it out, and you talk dirty to her over the phone!
My Girlfriend said she wanted a Birmingham booty Call
by Kyle Kleeman March 18, 2008
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