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Someone who will do for you a small favor graciously.
You want to be a binkle and make me a cup of coffee?
by booshen June 09, 2006
15 5
an act which causes frustration for someone else, usually this act is done by an infant or young child, but could also describe a childish act done by an adult.
"The baby was not feeling well, he binkled me all day!"
"My friend binkles me constantly by telling me the story of his drunken rampage last weekend"
"My wife binkled me to pick up some beer on my way home."
by Arghh! January 19, 2012
3 0
My friend and I were discussing a certain area that we loved on the female, and realized it had no name. It was the area where the butt cheek folds over where it meets the leg. If the woman has a thicker rump, she tends to have more noticeable "folds" or "butt wrinkles". And thats how we decided to name this amazing sexy little underrated eye popper. BUTT + WRINKLE = BINKLE. The names as cute as the part itself.
Dave: Jesse look at those binkles on that babe over there!
Jesse: OH MY GOD! I just wanna squeeze em!
by DJRipper August 19, 2009
7 5
Small tufts of hair that are left a little longer than the rest of the hair..
awww, you've got little binkle bits...
by xDravagonx October 07, 2007
3 10
When somebody writes a book about all 8,000 films they saw. In common language: a huge erected penis.
Chrissy is a binkle.
by Tim Robbins December 10, 2004
9 21