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A game created by Palm Beach County School, Palm Beach Central. Now migrated to Wellington High School. The object of this game is to create teams, logos for said team,and keep it in the clear plastic of the binder holder. a During the day, in between classes to whack the binder out of any different teams hands. The rules are as follows

-every team must have a logo and color scheme
you must be on a team and have a hand drawn paper of your teams logo in the clear outside of your binder
if you are on a team and you have a logo in your binder

if you hold an empty binder, you will be sack tapped ( girls will be cuntpunted).
guy 1- yo whos team are you on
guy 2- what are you talking about

guy 1- Binder Wars

guy 2- oh yea i dont have one
guy 1- here is are logo join us
by Binder Wars February 26, 2011
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