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(1) verb: To show up randomly for no reason at all, except to casually flex your arm muscles and offer for people to touch them.
(2) verb: To stare at someone long after it becomes uncomfortable.
(3) noun: Insane, but sexy, guy who just won't quit you.
(1) Guy 1: What are you doing?

Guy 2: I'm pulling a Billy Paskill, trying to see if she'll notice that I've been going to the gym five days every week.

(2) Woman 1: I think that guy over there is checking you out.

Woman 2: Yeah, it's kinda creepy. He's been Billy Paskilling me for the last twenty minutes and I wish he'd stop.

(3) Woman 1: You know those days whe you just feel blah?

Woman 2: Yeah.

Woman 1: I wish I had a Billy Paskill to make me feel better.

Woman 1: A
by ViagraPeopleDidIt July 02, 2010

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