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-A woman with an overly large vaginal hole

- A woman who liquidates an large amount during her sexual orgasm.
-"God damn man, that hoe was Billy Ocean"-
by Chaun-C July 15, 2004
Canadian rapper Maestro can be credited with coining the term although now popular amongst various rappers such as the Ying Yang twins.

After pulling a prank in a public washroom which involved leaving an unsightly item in a urnial, Maestro passed a local patron, patted him on the back and said "Its all yours, Billy Ocean"

-Billy Ocean is the Canadian equivilant of Nah Mean or Nam Sayin

-Can also be used to sum up a situation, moment, mood or feeling
-In place of nah mean:"Yo, the washroom is all you, Billy Ocean."

-As a description: "That cat had me straight vexed like Billy Ocean"

-As A Question: "How was the party? Billy Ocean?"

-As An Answer: "It was so Billy Ocean"
by Concerned Citizen June 22, 2004

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