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The best guy you can ever date. super awesome, and amazing is best to describe him. SOOOOO caring and sweet, that it melts your heart. Hes always putting a smile on your face with surprises of Strawberry pocky and shakes. and of course with super awesome stuffed toys like BILLY BEAR, Billy cow, Billy Mouse, Billy blanket, ms. giggles, boots and many other awesome things. hes so cute and handsome that he looks like a famous HK celebrity. Hes tall and manly and has the sweetest cutest smile =. Hes someone u would 100% marry and cuddle in a king sized bed with. hes someone you call "sugar cupcake", Sweetie poo, honey boo, boo, hubby, lo gung, sweetie, baby, and your everything. hes someone to love forever, to enjoy time with, to chit chat and just to stare deeply into his eyes with. he has the funniest jokes, most interesting things to talk about and the funnest piggy back rides. and of course he gives the sweetest hugs. hes someone i will love with all my heart !
Billy Bear says: i love billy li!
billy cow says: me too!
kim cow says: ME THREE!!
by kimberly boo April 12, 2009
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