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A shirt that essentially makes the wearer a human billboard.

These types of shirts have a store's name and/or logo somewhere placed on it, usually across the front chest area.

-Usually nothing special or original about these kinds of shirts.
-Typically overpriced.
-A sign of social status

*Frequently found in elementary schools where if you do not own one, the likelihood of being in the in-crowd significantly decreases.
--Also found frequently in High School, but not so looked upon for social status.

Instead of the store/company paying for advertising, the naive consumer purchases the shirt to advertise for them for the sake of showing off that they are wearing a particular brand.
Spongebob: Mr. Krabs! I want on of those new Krusty Krab shirts!
Mr. Krabs: That will be $30, my dear boy!
Spongebob: *gives Mr. Krab the money* Yay! I can't wait to show off my shirt to all of Bikini Bottom!
Squidward: *mumbles "naive sponge... giving Mr. Krabs free advertising by buying a billboard shirt"*
by AgainstBillboardShirts August 04, 2012
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