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Reflexive Verb (v): Being Bilbo Bagisn'd means one has just been shuddered at, in surprise and alarm, while trying to reach for a marijuana smoking device. The person doing the bagginsing will generally mimick the suprised and alarmed face of Bilbo Baggins yelling "don't touch it!", or some other defensive speech pattern, while hiding the bong as if it is the most precious thing in the world to them.
Stoner 1: Hey dude lemme hit that Shii--(while reaching for bowl)

Stoner 2: (turns away erratically while pulling bowl in safer area next to his chest), exhibits some strange noise as a manifestation of a defensive and alarmed response, or yells, "don't touch it"

Stoner 3 to Stoner 1 " ha you just got bilbo baggins'd son!"
by Pizazzle February 05, 2010

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