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1)Fake biker, Might or might not even own a bike, but has a bike rack on car. Following a fad.
2)A person who owns a bike rack on top of they're car and not use it, also improperly installed, ex. having only front towers for the poser fairing, having towers extremely close together to make the runners shoot up to the sky, backwards installation.
3)A person with a roof rack that will forever always be in mint condition. Fairing might have lots of stickers. They might also be carrying random stuff like wheels, tires, barrels on their racks.
4)Usually found on modified vehicles.
Dude puts a rack on his car because he saw other people do it and he wants to follow them since it is "Cool". He does not in any way uses the rack at all. This makes him a bike rack poser.
by Ay Way Way June 24, 2010

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