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A bike whore is that girl who has ridden on the back of every guy's motorcycle in town. Not necessarily a whorish girl; just gets around on a lot of bikes.
"She is a bike whore because she loves motorcycles so much; she rides on the back of any guys motorcycle despite who he is or what he rides."
#bike slut #bike bitch #bike skank #bike ride #bike prostitute
by Jasonon December 21, 2005
someone who has they're own bike but chooses to ride everyone elses bike
look there goes max ridin nicks bike again...... why dosent he just ride his own bike??? freakin bike whore
#whore #bike #jelousy #annoying #bicycle
by juan carrillo November 18, 2007
A bike whore is someone who uses guys for there bikes. She can't seem to stick with just one guy either, instead it's with every guy in the group or town. She is definitely someone who gets around with not only the bikes but with the guys too!
WOW! She is such a BIKE WHORE!
#bike #whore #slut #biker #girl
by SQSPIC May 06, 2010
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