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A rare breed of the human race that requires 18 hours of sleep, 2 cans of snuff, and a recliner/couch everyday. A Big Shaufa can sleep through almost anything including parties, nuclear bombs, and 2:30 classes. Sometimes Big Shaufas suffer from insomia at night, which they make up for by taking the next 2 days off from consciousness. The Big Shaufa recently broke the all-time sleeping record for a day, previously held by himself. Other forms include Shauf, Shaufaaa, Shaufnasty, Shaufdaddy. Can also be used as a verb; to Shauf, Shaufed, or Shaufing.
"Hey is the Big Shaufa awake yet?" "It's only 12:00 pm, are you serious.?

"Yo man you wanna go out tonight?" "Nah man I think I'm just gonna Shauf tonight."

"Where were you?" "Just Shaufing around town."
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