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A womans breasts, But not just any breasts!!!
BIG BREASTS! Nice big round firm juicy tit's

Men like girls with a "Big Rack" for a variety of

1) Nice to fondle during sex.
2) A Big Rack looks much better in a bikini.
3) Girls with a Big Rack get better discounts on things.
4) A Big Rack gets all the attention!
5) Its fun to watch a girl with a Big Rack play sports.
6) A Big Rack is a MUST for tit fucking!

It is better to have a NATURAL Big Rack! But for the less
fortunate girls without a big rack, breast implants are a
recommended solution to the problem, Any "Real Woman" knows that you are not a complete female if you don't have a Big Rack!

Some woman will argue that this is not true, but in reality are just bitter because THEY DON'T have a big rack, and will try to confuse the issue with a lot of crap about a mans perception of woman is wrong! But just ignore it, we all know how envious a woman is of a girl with a "BIG RACK"!!!


Great care must be taken to avoid whats known as a "Bad Boob Job"

Joe: Wow did you see that girl?

Max: Yup ... she sure has a nice "BIG RACK"!!!!
by Mmmm Love Tits!! May 14, 2008
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