To bend over and take it, while playing with your balls.
The voluntary grabbing of one's ankles in an attempt for anal intercourse.
John began to bige as soon as Allan stepped in the room.
"Stop biging" responds Allan, I'm not in the mood.
by peegu July 10, 2008
A unit of measurement that is equivalent to six (6) feet and seven (7) inches in height.
Most Doorways are not even one Big E tall, causing the occasional Big E to hit his head.
by Sooicsidal June 14, 2007
Term used to describe a type of Levi's Jeans produced from about 1930 to 1969; logo on famous Red Tab is printed as lEvi (i.e. upper case e) hence the name. Often associated with American West cowboy mythology. Also see hige.
The Japanese have gone cowboy crazy for Big E jeans. I just sold a pair on eBay for $500!
by T Wade October 20, 2005
The captain from the underarmour commercial at with his leadership, he'll make sure they protect this house at all costs
You chill E chill
by Bonus Onus February 03, 2004
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