An informal word for vodka among painfully cool people
I'm drinking 5alive with a cheeky splash of big V.
by arealhumanperson May 05, 2011
Top Definition
The name for someone who is a male, but acts as if he lifts something too heavy or does something strenuous, he may hurt his vagina. Seeing as that he is such a pussy, it would be impossible for him to possess the proper "Junk"
Person 1: "That guy couldn't pick up that box of bananas.!" Person 2: Wow, what a "Big V"
by Team Lead February 03, 2010
A notorious Tamil, infamous in the Greater London area, Northern Sri Lanka and beyond. Involved in loan-sharking, extortion and debt collecting. Well known amongst underworld circles, casinos and club promoters before he started a rap career in late 2007.
You better give Big V the money or he'll hiren you.
by BigVdoggydogg December 25, 2008
a member of the Virgin Club
Are you in the Big V?
by floe March 18, 2000
Hey Jamie do you still have your Big V?

Dude... I just lost my Big V
by Spazzman September 22, 2010
Nickname for a tall and/or fat person (usually male) with a name that starts with V.
I can see Big V all the way over there; look he's sticking out above the crowd.
by catcherofthepie February 03, 2010
slang for a gangster chemistry teacher, responsible for a number of phrases in west yorkshire
Mr. V. Rooke, inventor ov the 20p fine and the spe-ach
by The mouth November 11, 2004
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