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a legendary being who, much like Superman, has super strength, speed, heat vision, sees through walls, can pave driveways in a single bound, and trap man or beast. One who stands in the way of Big Pat pays the ultimate price.
I was at the bar the other night and I saw like 20 guys jump Big Pat! None of them survived and he didn't even spill his drink!

Big Tough Guy: You better call your daddy or something because someone's gonna need to pick you up off the ground.
Keels: His dad's Big Pat.
Big Tough Guy: Oh shiiiiiiiit really?
Chad: Yeah...
Big Tough Guy: So yeah, here's $10...let's keep this between us.
by Keeper of Legends February 15, 2007
1. An enforcer
2. Someone who takes no shit
3. someone with a handlebar mustache
4. someone who uses the phrase "cocksucker" atleast 146 times a day
Oh sheeet big pat is home.
by mr. e! October 06, 2007
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