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1. The act of fully inserting one's head between two cushions, upside-down with legs in the air on a leather couch for sexual pleasure/humiliation reasons. Popular among the 'Beats' scene in Edinburgh, Scotland.

2. The act of inserting one's head fully into a bull's anus and being dragged around a field for sexual/humiliation reasons. Also popular among the 'Beats' scene in Edinburgh, Scotland.

3. A highly successful 'Match Three' puzzle game, developed for mobile phones by 'I-play' games development company. Also popular among the 'Beats' scene in Edinburgh, Scotland.
1. "I heard Martin Kemp is really into the whole 'Big Kahuna Reef' thing. That's why he does all those leather couch adverts on TV. Sick."

2. "He was found dead in a field in Fife, suffocated and trampled, another example of a Big Kahuna Reef gone so very, very wrong."

3. "Hey I like this mobile phone game! It's called 'Big Kahuna Reef'."
by Liquid Sky November 03, 2007
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