Someone who is addicted to the biebs.

Addicted to Justin Bieber
a girl named sami.
i am a biebaholic.
by bieberan06 November 24, 2010
Top Definition
A tween,teen,or sometimes fully grown adult (male or female) who is addicted to Justin Bieber. Feels Justin Biebs is their drug. Does not take lightly to people who have ANYTHING negative about Justin Bieber and will take you down should they feel nescessary.
Biebaholic: I was on Twitter when a girl tweeted me that she was an even BIGGER Biebaholic than me! How dare she right?! I know I'm the biggest Biebaholic because I kiss every one of my Justin Bieber posters and tell them good night! That girl is in for a RUDE awakening.

Biebaholic Justin Bieber Justin Bieber Twitter
by JBiebz_number1_shawty_and_fan August 09, 2011

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