to scratch someone sensually with one's acrylic nails, Normally girl to boy
After I got my nails done, i called a hot guy over and we did extacy and I biddled him all night <3

Frank: damn, Jenifer just got new acyrlics
Tom: did she biddle you?
Frank: hell yah, it felt bomb !
by TheBabie June 01, 2009
to shit...mostly when thizzing....
I popped fo of those quad stacks and now I need to hit up that bathroom since i have the shittle-biddles!!
by D - Money December 16, 2007
n. To program computer code mediocrely (at the very best) within a governmental agency. In the private sector, such coding would result in immediate firing. Whereas, such coding in the governmental sphere is lauded as brilliant and even groundbreaking often resulting in a promotion.

v. To attempt to program at the level of a remedial 1st year DeVry student.
System Analyst 1: She biddled the code so badly it feels like I am picking the corn outta crap to make it even remotely work. I'll be even luckier if the compiler does not blow up turning it into machine code.

System Analyst 2: I used to call her The Riddler b/c of her confusing and unviable code but I think she has sunk to the level of The Biddler.
by Whoak October 01, 2010
(noun) Friend, Associate, Homeboy.
Usually in reference when exiting.
"Holla at ya biddle"
by Anthony "Klasik" Jefferson June 19, 2006
The fiddling of a butthole. Combination of Butt and Fiddle.
I want to biddle that girl.
I think while I am fucking her tonight, I am going to shoot for the biddle.
by KingSnefru October 25, 2005
cute baby - combination of little and baby
Daddy's cute biddle
by Lee October 01, 2003
To bid on something on eBay
Yo, nizzle I biddled on that item first. Unbiddle that motherfizzle before I drop you!
by mike June 20, 2003
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